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 . . monastery. See also List of Latin manuscripts Notes References ALN, incipit Biodanza, Bologna, Italy, 28 January to 12 February 2008 Giudici, Giordano, "Geographia sinica e cultura medievale (XIII-XV secolo)," in Marini, e. (ed.) Italia e Mediterraneo nel medioevo. Atti del Simposio dell'Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Facoltà di lettere e filosofia. Uffici del Comune di Bologna, 13-16 dicembre, Bologna 2001, 19-41. John D. Lewis, "The Bodleian Library's Codex Gigas: A Medieval Bestseller," The Book History Blog, March 27, 2012. External links Gigas The Devil's Bible Category:13th-century biblical manuscripts Category:Bodleian Library collection Category:Books critical of Christianity Category:Manuscripts in the Bodleian LibraryQ: Zend Framework 2 redirect to a action or controller I have 2 projects, one is written in zend framework and the other one is PHP MVC and they are connected with apache. I can make a request to the PHP MVC application and get the result but the problem is I can't redirect the page to the action, here is what I have tried: // Zend $this->_helper->layout()->disableLayout(); $this->_helper->viewRenderer->setNoRender(true); $this->_redirect('search/index'); // MVC public function indexAction() { return new ViewModel([ 'result' =>'result' ]); } the result will just render the page when I am making the request to the PHP




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